Intex Swimming Pools in Dubai

Intex swimming pools in Dubai

Intex Swimming Pools - Enjoying Summer the Easy Way

Dubai experiences a very unpleasant summer heat wave, with regular highs around 45 degrees Celsius. Getting wet in a cool body of water is a nice relief on these unbearably hot days. However, maintaining an in-ground concrete swimming pool is not feasible for all homes. This is where an Intex swimming pool in Dubai provides a great alternative for those looking to enjoy the benefits of aquatic recreation without a long-term pool installation.

Intex pools offer an easy-care means of taking a dip during the summer months. Ranging in size from small child-sized options up to spacious family models, Intex inflatable pools for sale are portable, simple to assemble and disassemble, and affordable compared to constructing a fixed concrete pool. Their inflatable design allows for compact storage away from the elements during winter, with effortless setup whenever the urge to swim strikes.

Intex pool setups include a filtering pump that circulates the contents, maintaining cleanliness. Some higher-end selections integrate innovative features such as an integrated water temperature modulator to gently lower the water’s thermo beneath scorching summer highs. The resilient material withstands punctures with ease, and repair kits are standard equipment for any minor future issues. Together, these attributes minimize long-term costs while maximizing seasonal aquatic enjoyment for residents and visitors alike

Importance of Quality Intex Swimming Pools in Dubai

To guarantee quality, it’s crucial to acquire an Intex pool from a reputable dealer or retailer. Although less expensive knockoffs could initially appear like a good value, they are more likely to leak. Opt for a brand name Intex pool to avoid disappointment. The structure should be able to support the weight of the water without buckling or warping out of shape. Look for thick, puncture-proof PVC or vinyl material.

An integrated Intex pool chiller offers a high-tech solution for staying comfortable even when ambient air temperatures climb well above 40 degrees Celsius. Pool chillers work through a process called evaporative cooling. Some advanced Intex pool models feature a built-in chiller compartment requiring no extra equipment beyond standard filter pump operation.

Reputable swimming pool design and construction companies like Pearl Blue Zone ensure quality by carrying Intex pools certified for the Gulf’s hot weather conditions. They can advise on the best size and features depending on your needs.

Maintenance of Intex Swimming Pools

Once set up correctly, Intex pools are low maintenance. However, some care is required to keep the water clean:

  • Run the integrated filter pump for at least 8 hours daily to filter out dirt and debris.
  • Test & adjust pH, chlorine, and other chemical levels weekly. Maintaining the right balance kills bacteria and prevents algae growth.
  • Every few days, hoover and brush the pool’s bottom to remove debris.
  • Every four to six weeks or more, or as needed, partially drain, replenish with fresh water, and rebalance chemicals.
  • Look for leaks and use a puncture repair kit to fix punctures right away.
  • During the off-season, empty, clean, and store the pool appropriately out of direct sunlight.

Intex Swimming Pools from the Experts

Dubai-based Pearl Blue Zone is a leading firm for all pool needs. With sizes ranging from little kiddie pools to 12-foot family pools and even larger rectangular frame-shaped pools, they have a huge assortment of inflatable pools for sale from Intex.

The personnel can recommend the best inflatable pools for sale, along with accessories, chemicals, and after-sales care since they are well-versed in pool upkeep. Their products undergo rigorous quality checks to handle Dubai’s weather. An on-site testing area allows customers to see the pools inflated before purchasing.

An Intex swimming pool in Dubai offers an affordable and portable option for individuals seeking summertime enjoyment without committing to a long-term project. Families can spend endless hours swimming and splashing on their balcony or backyard. Contact Pearl Blue Zone today to buy pool inflatables, ideal for you.

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Intex swimming pools in Dubai
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